Yasu for Mac

Yasu for Mac – Sierra Edition 4.0.1 Released

After many months of late nights rewriting Yasu for Mac from the ground up for macOS Sierra, it’s finally available for download.

The look has changed somewhat, and some new features have been added, but underneath that shiny new exterior, it’s still the same Yasu you know and love.

Some of the new features include:

  • Common tasks consolidated into single options means less check boxes to deal with.
  • Added the feature to save a preferred set of tasks and recall them with a menu selection.
  • Toggle all tasks on or off with menu choices.
  • Set the default task options with a single key combination.
  • A whole new progress window that tells you exactly what’s happening.
  • Removed tasks that were no longer relevant.
  • An entirely new project means code that’s made for Sierra and beyond.
  • That and so much more!

Grab your copy today by either downloading, or checking for updates in your current version.

If you run into any weirdness, drop me a line via the support page.

Thanks to everyone who’s been so supportive!

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