Yasu for Mac

So… What’s New?

Hey all,

Yeah, I know, kill the pleasantries, you just want to know when Yasu is going to be ready for Mojave, right? OK, stop rolling your eyes…

Anyway, so a couple of weeks ago the weekend began with finding a notice that the website was down. Hadn’t been on it for a day or two, so I took a look. Sure enough it’s trying to reinstall WordPress, someone got to a file they shouldn’t have (that shouldn’t have caused the problem that it did, but they did and it did…). Not good, obviously. So, I’ll just pull a backup of the file needed. Wait, the backups haven’t been running? Really… OK, I’ll pull a file from my server, that sort of works, now I need to track down… Well, you get the picture, it wasn’t a disaster, I was able to get it fixed rather quickly and the best part (mom always told me to find a silver lining in my problems…), was that I also found out that a key directory on the server wasn’t password protected, which is how the problem started in the first place. Problem solved. Last time I had this happen (about 15 years ago), I had someone hack my databases, now THAT was an issue, even though I had full backups of those.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the end of the problems… After getting the site back up, I sat down to write this post. Got it all written, went to save, error… OK, something else is wrong, time to dig in. I got to the point were I completely deleted the domain and started 100% over, thinking that the hack (all seven seconds of it…) caused problems I hadn’t seen. Nope, that didn’t work either and then I had the fun of trying to figure why trying to activate plugins were actually deactivating them, and opening posts were deleting them. Yeah, WTH!

The Lightbulb Finally Went Off…

Skip ahead two weeks, I’ve been trying to figure this all out, seriously questioning my programming and Linux admin skills, with nothing to show for it. I even completely redid the domain and site again last night, set up a new WordPress installation on another domain I have, with the exact same results. Now I’m at least to the point where it’s a server issue, but other applications work just fine (plug for Yeti Force CRM…). As I was watching the New Balance Indoor Track Meet this evening, I got thinking, what if it’s as simple as version of PHP. Switch to an earlier version and yup, all’s well now… I’ll have to research known issues with WP and PHP 7+ later, but for now I have newly backed up data, password protection on key directories, a much deeper familiarity with setting up and moving data around in WP, and a Mojave beta ready to go.

See what I did there, tossed in the juicy stuff while you were still rolling your eyes at me. Hey, I’ve been dealing with a broke website for two weeks, the least you can do is listen to me complain about it!

Yes, There is a Mojave Version…

OK, to the good stuff. Yes, I have a version of our favorite Mac Utility running on my iMac under Mojave, finally. Seems there was a bug introduced in High Sierra that should have prevented the current version from opening any dialogs with the code as it is, but it didn’t, until Mojave. I found the solution purely by accident (after spending literally two weeks considering my options for fixing the issue) and once I figured out a way to implement it, there they were, the dialogs back where they belonged. Cool…

So, over the next couple of days I’m finishing up a few more checks on how things work on Mojave, making sure various files didn’t move, and putting out a beta. I’m going to release a new version for High Sierra and a beta for Mojave, so those of you that want to do some quick testing can do that. We’ll all keep testing to make sure everything is good, and then I’ll release a non-beta so the rest of you have it. So far everything is great, but there are a couple of thing that I need to remove, like Resetting the home permissions, Apple has pulled that from pretty much everywhere and using the one option there is doesn’t work very smoothly. It’s up for debate, so feel free to log your options while I keep researching if I should keep it in.

Finally, I appreciate the notes that I’ve received over the last few weeks asking about the Mojave version. It’s great to hear from users.