Yasu for Mac

Beta Release of Yasu for Mojave & an Update for High Sierra

This morning I’m releasing Yasu for Mojave (yes, finally), but I’m going to release it as a beta version for the time being. If you want to work with it in beta for, please do and give me any feedback that you can. There are a couple of things I want to work on before a non-beta release, but now’s a good time to get it out. Go here to download.

There have been some changes in the macOS over the last couple of releases that affect how Yasu works, specifically SIP (System Integrity Protection). SIP prevents updating of certain macOS files, some of which Yasu has worked with in the past.

There are a number of changes under-the-hood of Yasu, additional checks for font caches, changes to locations of browser cache files, etc., but overall, Yasu still works the same, but one major change with the two releases is that they will need to be manually updated. Because of the change in Apple Developer ID associated with Yasu, this update won’t work through the updater. Hopefully I’ve figured out what to do going forward and it’ll work with following releases.