Yasu for Mac

Version 4.0.2 (Sierra) and 3.0.4 (El Capitan) – Password Not Accepted

  • Some users reporting that their admin passwords are being rejected on the new version. Common denominator seems to be the use of numbers in the password. Looking into, but haven’t been able to corroborate yet.
  • Working on beta to address issues. Hard to track down since I can’t replicate on my systems. Please use contact form if you’d like to try a beta version.

Root Cause Discovered

  • It seems when clicking the “Okay” button after entering your password, the password is not passing for authentication. However, if you hit the “return” or “enter” key on your keyboard after entering a password, it will be passed. I have been able to replicate this with 100% accuracy, and a fix is in the works. Until then: use keyboard, not mouse, after entering your password. A huge thanks goes out to the @MacDoktor for discovering this.