Yasu for Mac

That Ugly Password Authentication Bug Has Been Squashed

I am so very happy to finally be able to announce that new versions of Yasu for Mac for macOS Sierra and El Capitan have been released that address an issue some users would see when trying to authenticate and Yasu wouldn’t accept their password.

It turned out to be the simplest little thing, but because habits are hard to break, I was never able to reproduce the issue.

This bug manifested itself only if a user clicked the “Okay” button after entering their password in the authentication dialog. If they entered their password and hit return or enter on the keyboard, the password would be accepted, and Yasu would do its thing.

I’m not one who normally clicks buttons in dialog windows, so it never dawned on my to try that. Thanks to the fine troubleshooting and tenacity of the @MacDoktor, John Clark, he finally stumbled on the root cause & reported it back to me. I was able to reproduce myself, and then make the two-click fix necessary for these releases.

Updates are available in-app by selecting “Check for Updates” in the application menu, or can be downloaded directly from the downloads page.


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