Yasu for Mac

New Releases of Yasu for El Capitan, Sierra and High Sierra

New Yasu releases have landed on the site for macOS High Sierra, Sierra and El Capitan. You can download the latest from the downloads page, or by updating directly in app (El Cap and Sierra only).

New features in this round of releases include:

  • The ability to selectively enable which browsers have caches cleaned. You can enable this feature in application preferences. Check it out and you’ll see what I mean. Great for web developers who use a particular browser to test sites with.
  • The ability to open and clear the Yasu.log file from within in the app. Useful for troubleshooting and knowing exactly what’s being cleaned.
  • Tons of under-the-hood tweaks and code refactoring. There was a fair amount of code that was sloppy from the rewrite. I’ve taken the time to clean it up and make some things both faster and better.
  • Yasu now (or, again) requires a registration code to prevent a 10-second delay when running the app. You can register here and support further development.

The decision to force a nag screen on users was a hard choice to make. Yasu almost went away a couple of years ago, but many faithful users persuaded me to keep it alive. However, in order to keep going, the application has to generate income. The only real way to do it is an in-app nag screen and make it shareware again.

I’ve tried to make it as simple as possible to purchase a code and get back to maintenance as quickly as possible. The code you buy is good for all versions.

But in asking users to part with their hard-earned money comes the responsibility from my end that the app remains alive. Rest assured that the Yasu roadmap extends far into the future.

By the way, if you’re a Yasu user of old, your registration code will still work. Yes, really… I believe in being faithful to those who’ve been kind enough to support me.

And because of that, thank you for your support!


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